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Litigation & Arbitration

We offer our legal advisory services in any type of Civil, Commercial or Criminal dispute, or international or local arbitration procedure, for national and international companies.

Our team is proactive and with a business-oriented approach that allows us to identify and execute the best strategy to secure and protect the interests of our clients.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients before the Civil and Criminal Courts, as well as before the Maritime Courts of Panama and the different arbitration centers. Their specialization in litigation and dispute resolution allows our clients to take advantage of the different methods of Conflict Resolution such as mediation and conciliation, essentially negotiating and avoiding unnecessary contingencies and risks, as well as being more expeditious and cost-effective mechanisms.

We keep up-to-date on changes in the various business and industrial environments, making it easy for us to provide timely advice, as well as innovative ideas that, together with the expertise and knowledge of our legal team, enable us to anticipate problems with creative solutions.


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