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New Agreements for the Temporary Reduction of Working Hours

We inform all employers that from January 1, 2022, any temporary modification of the working day, in order to have legal effect, the agreements between the employer and the worker must be sent in person to the General Directorate of Labor of the headquarters or the Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Labor.

This "temporary" modification of the working day must be agreed and signed by the employer and the union organization or workers where there is no union, the same terms and conditions will apply for workers who perform the same function, and in accordance with article 159 of the Labor Code.

From January 1, 2022, any modification of the working day that does not comply with the requirements contemplated in the current Decree and with its respective registration before the Ministry of Labor, will be considered null for all legal purposes.

Executive Decree No. 73 of December 28, 2021

Ask about the impact of this decree on your operations, contact Paula Álzate:


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